Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The world has not ended.

After an announcement on Facebook from Richie McCaw, he asked that hockey player to marry him and she said yes, my messenger has overloaded with sympathy messages.

"Did you hear the news? I'm so sorry"
"Be brave. You got this!"
"That skank!"
"Just saw the news. Be brave soldier"
"He could have told you before hand"
"That F-word-er!"
"My condolences lol"
"He's not worth it, he's a traitorous bastard haha"
"Maaaaate, there's always plural marriage and he could be DOWN" 
... it went on.

I'm sure that Gemma Flynn is a great gal and I don't at all think Haley Holt was a better match. 

It's ok. The best he can offer is enough rugby talk to turn you to tennis.
He cannot give her forever :)


Me said...

I've heard of Gemma Flynn. Does she also act or something. NZ stuff never shows up in US news, and I don't know any sports things.

Melissa said...

You know I saw that on Facebook and totally thought of you first lol. Sorry man.

CamillaS said...

Ariel: Gemma Flynn is a NZ hockey player. All 23 years of her lol. Not an actress at all.

Melissa: Not the only one who did that!

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