Monday, January 18, 2016

So this happened while you slept.

I sent a text to Mitchy around 11pm asking her not to have the baby tonight. I had somewhere to be early this morning, but Olly decided on Saturday that he was going to spike her drink with castor oil so she could have that baby before he went back to Australia.

I went to bed at 11pm and switched my light off at 12:10am ready for sleep. The phone call came at 12:11am to 'come now'. I threw all my clothes back on. Woke Hubba up. Woke Tyler up and within 5 minutes we were down the road at The Livians.

We hit town at 12.27am (I'd like to thank time stamps on photos for this) and Mitchy was in the hospital bed at 12.38am. Between 12.49am and 12.59am, Mitchy was dilated 4cm. Between 1.08am and 1.18am, Mitchy's waters were broken and it was all on.

1.25am. The fat baby, all 8 pounds of her, was born looking a hell of a lot like her Dad.

She's pretty cute.
Baby sister & big sister.
That 22 year age gap though.

Tyler looking normal.

Dad, big daughter, baby daughter .. and there are 4 other daughters in between and 1 other daughter son.

3.30am. Home to meet the rest of the troop.
Safe to say, Rome has met her match.

At 3.30am, Hubba was not interested in seeing her new baby.
She was excited this morning though when we stopped in for a visit.

This at 4am.
Are you happy because of your new baby?
No. Because I'm in my own bed!

The Heiferlump & Dad.
I'll tell her you name later .. I'm trying to persuade The Livian to add a name in there.

This mornings visit.
Looks like her brother to me and he's a handsome devil.

Baby #4 is here!

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Melissa said...

Congrats. It all seems super fast. What a blessing. Is she done?

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