Sunday, January 31, 2016

Folks in a town that was quite remote heard ...

13 days old.
So delicious. I would like to put a sign on the baby that says No kisses! Hub's is the worst at it.

Take 25.
Hoping that Sound of Music soundtrack she's listening to will cure the disease.
She's like a helicopter to sleep with AND she drools, grits her teeth, sleep walks and argues whilst in slumber. I'm over it. She told me she'll move out of my bed when she's a big girl - 7 years old (same age Rome moved out of her Mum's bed ... which was a few weeks before that baby was born .. which was 13 days ago)

School starts tomorrow for most. It brings me an overwhelming feeling of comfort and joy. Like Christmas time. Nessa and Coral start High School and Jeston starts Intermediate (Jr High). Rome and Ngawi move up a class to year 4 and Shaily is entering the most important year of High School. If she sees this year through with flying colors, she'll get University Entrance no sweat next year. Hubba is excited that school starts for her tomorrow too, but to throw a spanner into the works ... I met the new teacher at the local school today. She would be Hubs teacher if she attended that school. I talked with her for an hour and I absolutely love her as a teacher. We will see how these first two terms go at home then reconsider the local school.

... Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo.

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Me said...

That's so exciting!! Not that homeschooling isn't exciting, but sometimes it's nice to have that extra time during the day too, and its awesome you like her :) Fingers crossed for all the kids and school!! I've been missing school myself, thinking of taking some online classes. :)

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