Saturday, January 23, 2016

Back, back back to school oh yeah!

Just over a week left till school starts for the year. I am so happy about this. It is a hideous affair walking through town with teenagers every where you look. So glad. So so glad.
Spent the morning at The Parentals. Hubs swam while I cursed the heat and as per my new ritual, went to The Livians to spend some quality time with Avi later in the afternoon.
She is delish at 6 days old.

Swapping kids with Mitchy tomorrow.
She's taking Hubs, I'm taking the baby.
If only she'd take Tyler too.

10 points if you guess the movie the post title is from.


Me said...

Billy Madison! My fave part is when he calls Steve Buschemi who he was mean to, and apologizes, and then Steve crosses his name off the kill list in lipstick, then later saves him, and he's like "man am I glad I called that guy!" :)

Melissa said...

That baby is pretty good looking man. I hope things are going well. That video has like 35million hits. That's crazy man.

CamillaS said...

Opening song for Grease 2 ;)

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