Saturday, January 2, 2016

2 days in to 2016.

The Livians are still renovating. Removing the old fireplace has freed up some space in their compact lounge.

Always thought he was a Fancy Nancy.

I don't know how long this has been at the cemetery for. I don't frequent the place, but Hubs has been on me for weeks to go visit and put a few things on Larry's grave. I looked up exactly what a natural burial area is and it gave me chills.
  • No embalming.
  • Shallow grave.
  • Cardboard caskets.
  • Tree planted as a marker instead of a headstone.
All that tells me is when the body has 'gone back to mother earth completely' there will be room for more bodies. Ew.

Rome: I really miss Uncle Larry.
Hubba: Do you even remember him?
Rome: Yes! What do you think I am? Deaf or something?

Karen (second from the left) is 10 tomorrow. We had a birthday party for her this evening and there were two dogs there. Woof woof dogs.

I do not enjoy dogs.

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