Wednesday, December 23, 2015

You use to call me on my ...

I keep having the same dream about trying to ring Larry on the phone. I know he's there, but he's not answering and the feeling I get in my dream is because he doesn't want to answer. I read through lots of dream interpretations and none of them were helpful.

I've had, in total, around 6 non-consecutive weeks of these telephone dreams through-out the year.
To dream of phoning someone with no answer represents frustration or failure to achieve an objective. Alternatively, you may feel unable to get through to someone or unable to get attention. People may not be listening to you or respecting your wishes.

To dream of being ignored on the phone may represent failure to listen to your inner voice or get help or attention. It may also reflect a need to speak up more in waking life situations where someone may not being listening to your concerns enough.

To dream of an unanswered phone ringing represents areas of your life that you are ignoring. Issues or situations that you don't want to deal with or refuse to see. You may need to pay closer attention to something. Refusing to listen to advice.

Dreams of telephone calls from the deceased are very common when people are grieving. The dreams may reflect the person's desire to speak to the person again. It may also reflect the person's difficulty adjusting to the reality that speaking to the person is now impossible. Positively, calls from the deceased may reflect your wish to have a sign that they are safe or happy in the spiritual world.
Last night he was in my dream and I was leaving to head back to New Zealand on holiday. All the dread that I felt, in real life, each time I came home without him came back to me in the dream and I felt extremely troubled. I didn't get on the plane in the dream. At some point in the dream I realized it was a dream and woke myself up because getting on a plane, for me, is like coming face to face with a cobra.

I wonder if how I feel when he doesn't answer my dream phones calls was how he felt every time I'd leave the USA to travel home for vacation.

All I know is those unanswered hotline bling dreams are making me a little neurotic.

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