Saturday, December 5, 2015

Swimming. Just swimming.

I dropped a codeine a few nights ago for a migraine that was throbbing at the back of my head. The effects are still with me today and last night I told my dazed self that I'd sit at my Parentals all day and watch Edge swim. We got there at 1pm, the four bigs one had been swimming since 11am. It's 8.30pm and we got home not long ago. Once the big ones began to drown each other, it was a wrap and we all came home.

Waimea and coral on the left.

Coral takes on Waimea in the middle.

Furness tackles Shaily like a boss.

Coral cried. Ness got told off. Jeston has battle scars and that's us for Saturday.

School holidays haven't even started and today was draining.

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