Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday the 20th.

These cards were $1 at Pak n Save and I stole borrowed them from my Mums kitchen. Did not put two and two together today when she threatened the kids with taking things from her kitchen, but instead joined in with her on the chorus about ungrateful kids. I must remember to let her know we took them.

I know why they were $1. They're made in such a way where it's almost impossible to write in them without some effort. We ripped three trying to hold them open.

Like so ..

Changes in the ward today. Let's hope 2016 is a good one because 2015 was way below average.
Happy Sabbath from Edge, who is fast asleep on the couch behind me.

I procrastinated about Christmas shopping again this year and I'll be going with the hordes on Wednesday & Thursday night.

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