Tuesday, December 8, 2015

From the iPhone

Nina use to be married to my cousin. They divorced a few years ago and we kept Nina. By modern standards she's a BFF. By bible standards, she'd be my concubine without benefits. Mitchy you are still my third favorite sister in law.

Nina's home for a week and we've been spending the days together like old days, except with more kids. I've made a mental note to take photos on our day out tomorrow.
Papa Greg leveling out the swimming pool area because 'it just wasn't sitting right'.

33 weeks. The first of 7 babies cooking in the family was born yesterday. They named her Ailla (I think Isla). She looks like her sister Leven, who is a bit demonic.

Operation lunch out - Tuesday.

Shaily put up Nan's tree. It's not white anymore, it's going brown and I'm pretty sure it's mice pee and not age.

Ngawi & Edge.

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