Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday the 18th.

Yesterday my plan was to bring teenagers home to watch Star Wars - 6 episodes. I tried to get them in the mood ..

.. but teenagers don't appreciate Star Wars. We watched three minutes of it before I wanted to stab them both in the eye and turned it off for Nev Schulman's Catfish movie. They made me so irate I turned their Internet off.
Kids + Devices = you're just asking for it as a Parent.

The neighbor across the street randomly walked over with a kid goat and put it in my Mums car this morning and wished her a Merry Christmas.
Snowflake is Hubba's new BFF.

Winston eyed up Snowflake and smooched her.

Brother 3s trophies from Pig Hunting.

I did not forget Aunty Marva's birthday on the 16th. There are many dates I won't forget in my lifetime and her birthday is one of them.
Baby #2 of 7 was born last week at a whopping 10 lbs.
They named him AJay.
#1 - Ailla.

#2 - Ajay.

Especially excited for #4 and #7.


Melissa said...

Hahahaha a goat for Christmas aye. I like it. That baby is cute man. I hope mum is doing alright.

Me said...

I love goats! Hubs is precious, and she's getting do big!!