Monday, December 21, 2015

4 days to Christmas.

Every year since we've been back we've had dessert night with the family. Usually it's on Christmas eve, but since some are going away this year to be with in-laws, we had it earlier. Everyone is supposed to bring a dessert and a flavored milk, but tonight it turned into dinner with way too much sugar.

Dinner consisted of a cheese board, savories, caramel apple roses, rhubarb cobbler, pavlova, raspberry torte and enough flavored milk to make one sick.

It was hot today, tomorrow is supposed to be a few degrees warmer.
I decided to give up on Christmas shopping this year because I need a new mailbox that's compliant with rural standards. I didn't get mail at all last week and inquired at the post office because my neighbor across the street has gone to Australia and she had her mail stopped for a month and I didn't want them to have mistaken her house for my house. I don't know what changed in the last week, but they don't deliver junk mail to me anymore because my mailbox isn't rural regulation.

If Santa were real, I'd ask him for a rural standard mail box with a flag that lets the mail man know there's outgoing mail. Alas, he is not real and I need to pay for that ish myself.

Dumbass mailman.

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Me said...

Ummmm thats super lame. About the mailbox. Its like, come on. Its a box you put paper in.

The things you eat though....what???? I'm dying. I want to go to there. Also, please give us your sunshine. I forgot what that is, and I need it.

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