Wednesday, December 23, 2015

1 day to C-Day.

Just when I thought being a widow had it's benefits, The Livian's come over and tell me they got cupcakes by Henry too. They're the best cupcakes in town.
Mucho Gracias to the Henry's!

Shots from Summer.
Keeping hydrated.

Hub's is always the last to get out. She's rocking a pretty dark tan right now.

Pregnant Mitchy. 4 more weeks to go or something like that.
We all think this baby will be here sooner than that.

Papa Greg caught 100 Kahawai yesterday. He handed them out to people for Christmas and bought home 30. Smoked fish is on the menu for Christmas day.

I pulled down my christmas tree today. I woke up and saw it leaning to one side and thought .. that's the third time you've done that, goodbye. I didn't want to witness the glass massacre that was bound to happen the next time someone opened the door on a windy day.
My Mum had the same idea today and wanted her tree down too. She dropped it off to an op-shop who had signs asking for Christmas trees for families in need. 10 points for Gryffindor.

The $12 spiral tree is still up. I added better lights to it for Hubba's sake. Didn't want to completely lose the Christmas spirit, just 60% of it.

Days without the ones I love.

Picture unload

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