Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Baby #3

Kida made her entrance at 3am this morning.
First baby for Milly-Milton & Aleisha!

Baby watch is on for our Queen, baby #4.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

True story.

Next year needs to be different, so if I adjust my attitude maybe I will set the standard.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Weekend.

Moko bought kinas and Fiorenza bought Maori bread. After 10 or so I forgot why I liked them and delivered the kinas to my cousins down the street.

Found these in Countdown yesterday. Very over priced and well worth the spend.

Broke Edge's gingerbread house yesterday.

Fire drill at the chapel this morning during 3rd hour. I wish I had known about it before hand. I planned a lesson and everything only to have it cut short by 45 minutes.

Real fire at the back of my house this afternoon. Long story .. but there's a reason there's currently a fire ban on in the area at the moment. Less lawn to mow.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Internets.

We had Christmas with my Mum's older sister and her family. 14 of them and 17 of us.
Food was great and it's all over for another year.
Love my family. Some of them are fricken nuts, but I love them anyway.

Baby AJay. He's delicious.

I might switch it up next year and do something different .. take advice from Nessa-Nu who said next year she's staying in bed all day.

I'm watching the Carrie Underwood version of The Sound of Music and holy crap it's unbearable. If Hub's wasn't still awake and fully in love with the movie I'd be watching Geordie Shore right now. Do love me some Edelweiss though, just not Bill Compton's version.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

You use to call me on my ...

I keep having the same dream about trying to ring Larry on the phone. I know he's there, but he's not answering and the feeling I get in my dream is because he doesn't want to answer. I read through lots of dream interpretations and none of them were helpful.

I've had, in total, around 6 non-consecutive weeks of these telephone dreams through-out the year.
To dream of phoning someone with no answer represents frustration or failure to achieve an objective. Alternatively, you may feel unable to get through to someone or unable to get attention. People may not be listening to you or respecting your wishes.

To dream of being ignored on the phone may represent failure to listen to your inner voice or get help or attention. It may also reflect a need to speak up more in waking life situations where someone may not being listening to your concerns enough.

To dream of an unanswered phone ringing represents areas of your life that you are ignoring. Issues or situations that you don't want to deal with or refuse to see. You may need to pay closer attention to something. Refusing to listen to advice.

Dreams of telephone calls from the deceased are very common when people are grieving. The dreams may reflect the person's desire to speak to the person again. It may also reflect the person's difficulty adjusting to the reality that speaking to the person is now impossible. Positively, calls from the deceased may reflect your wish to have a sign that they are safe or happy in the spiritual world.
Last night he was in my dream and I was leaving to head back to New Zealand on holiday. All the dread that I felt, in real life, each time I came home without him came back to me in the dream and I felt extremely troubled. I didn't get on the plane in the dream. At some point in the dream I realized it was a dream and woke myself up because getting on a plane, for me, is like coming face to face with a cobra.

I wonder if how I feel when he doesn't answer my dream phones calls was how he felt every time I'd leave the USA to travel home for vacation.

All I know is those unanswered hotline bling dreams are making me a little neurotic.

1 day to C-Day.

Just when I thought being a widow had it's benefits, The Livian's come over and tell me they got cupcakes by Henry too. They're the best cupcakes in town.
Mucho Gracias to the Henry's!

Shots from Summer.
Keeping hydrated.

Hub's is always the last to get out. She's rocking a pretty dark tan right now.

Pregnant Mitchy. 4 more weeks to go or something like that.
We all think this baby will be here sooner than that.

Papa Greg caught 100 Kahawai yesterday. He handed them out to people for Christmas and bought home 30. Smoked fish is on the menu for Christmas day.

I pulled down my christmas tree today. I woke up and saw it leaning to one side and thought .. that's the third time you've done that, goodbye. I didn't want to witness the glass massacre that was bound to happen the next time someone opened the door on a windy day.
My Mum had the same idea today and wanted her tree down too. She dropped it off to an op-shop who had signs asking for Christmas trees for families in need. 10 points for Gryffindor.

The $12 spiral tree is still up. I added better lights to it for Hubba's sake. Didn't want to completely lose the Christmas spirit, just 60% of it.

Days without the ones I love.

Monday, December 21, 2015

4 days to Christmas.

Every year since we've been back we've had dessert night with the family. Usually it's on Christmas eve, but since some are going away this year to be with in-laws, we had it earlier. Everyone is supposed to bring a dessert and a flavored milk, but tonight it turned into dinner with way too much sugar.

Dinner consisted of a cheese board, savories, caramel apple roses, rhubarb cobbler, pavlova, raspberry torte and enough flavored milk to make one sick.

It was hot today, tomorrow is supposed to be a few degrees warmer.
I decided to give up on Christmas shopping this year because I need a new mailbox that's compliant with rural standards. I didn't get mail at all last week and inquired at the post office because my neighbor across the street has gone to Australia and she had her mail stopped for a month and I didn't want them to have mistaken her house for my house. I don't know what changed in the last week, but they don't deliver junk mail to me anymore because my mailbox isn't rural regulation.

If Santa were real, I'd ask him for a rural standard mail box with a flag that lets the mail man know there's outgoing mail. Alas, he is not real and I need to pay for that ish myself.

Dumbass mailman.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...