Monday, November 30, 2015

Tomorrow is December.

The pool at the Parentals. Edge was SO excited when she saw it this morning and was persistent about swimming even though it wasn't that hot.

Tangy Apples. An old school taffy-like candy. It reminds me of my Church College days when I didn't like to go to cafe for dinner so I had these and L&P instead.

Unloaded from the trip to Auckland last week.

We put up our Christmas tree tonight. I wanted a white tree this year to match my blue lights, but I didn't want to buy a whole new tree and I didn't want to swap my Mum for her white tree because she'd never give my lush green one back. Settled with new lights instead. I just wanted lights that twinkled.

And Happy Birthday to The Fog Horn who is 9 today!
Love you long time Leggy-May!


Nina said...

That is a cool photo x

Melissa said...

I love your tree. I think it's beautiful. You should've stopped in on your way up to Auckland. It'd be nice to meet you.

Me said...

Im always jealous that you get to have a sunny Christmas. Summer please!

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