Friday, November 13, 2015

Repurposing canvas.

An earthquake, a few weeks ago, rocked a mirror that hangs on the wall at the head of my bed so much it came off at one end. Looking up at it from bed one night I imagined it falling on our heads in the middle of the night and killing us.

A $17 canvas I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond solely for the size of it also got jolted during the quake and I thought to remove the mirror and replace it with the canvas (softer fall), but I didn't like the original picture, which was of ponga shoots.

Inspired by the Aikido episode of The Walking Dead during the week, I had an idea.

I knew those portions plates from Sister would come in handy one day.

Mum, Tyler & Edge.

Now we won't be killed in the middle of the night by a falling mirror during an earthquake .. just maimed.


Melissa said...


Me said...

I love he artwork. Those ferns are so cute!

One of Mahonris homework assignments was to prepare an earthquake kit, since the "Big One" is supposed to be coming any time now, like 9.something earthquake.

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