Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday School.

I gave her a week off last week because of the labour weekend holiday and we're in the down time for when she receives her next lot of school resources, but when she started saying things like I needing to have a rest and I are hot today, it was a sure sign that taking that week off was not a great idea.
Started with writing about her Halloween adventure over the weekend.

Added four new sight words to her list.

She did pretty well today and was rewarded with lots of stamps.

Aunty Tashi made up a book from school to help with her reading since the Phonics thing isn't working. Sight words have been gradually getting better. It took her three months to learn four sight words. That was back in March and she forgot them because it was frustrating me and I stopped trying. Now it's November, she has nine on her list five of which she's learned over a month. Things are progressing, just not my patience.

Sight word: Mum
The book gives pictures that identify the word. Not sure how I feel about that because it seems, to me, that it's teaching the child to read by what they see and not read by what sound the letters make (which is why I'm a fan of phonics). I do realize that each child is different and she just doesn't like phonics.

Great work Edge!

Her counting impressed me today. Gone are the days where the pause between each number was so long I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a chopstick. She can count and identify numbers from 1 - 20 no problem.

Art is in her blood. She enjoys it, which is why it's always what we do at the end of her lesson block. It's my reward to her for a great school day. If it's not drawing, she's running around with a camera being all snap happy.


Melissa said...

Only roughly 50% of words can be phonetically pronounced I think, so seeing and saying a word by simple recognition is a talent to be learned for reading. In glad she's doing better.

Me said...

I love her art work!!

Maybe later you can try phonics again. We didn't do it until I was like 8 I think, but we tried it at home before then. I had a really hard time with it early on, but later it clicked, and I'm glad because I have slight dyslexia, and sometimes slowing down and breaking up a word phonetically is the only way I can understand or spell it if I'm having a really hard time.

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