Saturday, November 14, 2015


They said kawakawa had to be searched for in Hawkes Bay. They said it was only at a certain place and a blessing had to be said before you enter that place. I found it growing wild and a-plenty closer than where they said and I didn't pray for it. The first picture is a dead give away, but I'm still not naming where lest the Maoris go raid the place.

A month ago I went searching after someone tipped me off to the place. It was looking at me as soon as I descended the track it was off of. My Mum kept telling me to go back and get her some because she wants to make balms and lotions for the body and dry rubs for meat. We returned today and it's all over the place. You'd have to be moronical not to see it.

It's literally everywhere.

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Me said...

I LOVE foraging for plants! When we come next year, we're going to get so many plants and fruits and stuff with you guys, its going to be awesome! It's been cool living up here, I learned even more about NW plants from this tribe we stayed with for a while when we were sailing, and we had a salmon bake and they taught me to make salal jam. Seasonal food is the best.

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