Friday, November 6, 2015

Happy Cracker Night.

It was way too cold for it to be Guy Fawkes last night. When I got home from a meeting with the Stake President, most of the ward/community were across the road at a bon fire that has been loaded up through-out the year. Sunday is enough for me to see most of them, so I moved my couch to my door way and watched from the short distance.

Mitchy came with 2/4 kids, who were grounded earlier in the day for being imbeciles, and had to watch cracker night from my front porch. We're going to light ours when The Livian is home at the end of the month during our Thanksgiving weekend. Jeston and Rome were pretty upset about it, but I'm glad their Parentals followed through!
Mana Wahine Livian and Mitchy.

This was the extent of my cracker night photography.
It was too cold to care.

Mitchy found this on her phone this morning.
Author: Rome
It made me teary eyed because it wasn't just her fault, they were all imbeciles, equally.

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