Monday, October 5, 2015

Week Two.

They're plowing the back paddock to plant lily's (that's what I heard). I don't know what kind of lily's. I truly hope no one climbs the fence and ruins it for them .. like how we sometimes get a stick up our butt and go chop down some vines in the wineries when the water is low.

Lamb tails.
Spent a day at the Parentals/Grandparentals watching kids, from the comforts of the car, clean up with yard. They were rewarded with lamb tails, a bit of a delicacy as they're only available in spring, and the community was rewarded with smoke in every direction. So if your washing smells like lamb tails smoke for the next few days Ruralville, go tell it to my mother.

Four generations were on parade today at the Grandparentals. Here my grandmother sits after enjoying her feast of tails.

1 down 6 to go.

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