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Week 43: Naked

This assignment was pretty much what it says, but since I'm not down for shooting any naked body I went a different route.

Jamie Oliver got his name, 'The Naked Chef', because he stripped cooking down to the basics so anyone could do it. I watched an episode once where he made a St Clements posset, which is basically a lemon posset, which is dumbed down again to a lemon custard pretty much and that's about the only naked thing about this assignment and the best anyone is going to get because flying to London to get a naked shot of Richie McCaw is just not in the cards .. because I hate flying.

Between here and my Parentals place, the lemon trees are riddled with the fruit. There's a community dinner next month sometime. A mix and mingle with the local farmers and business owners of sorts and the planners and committee require a taste test of the potential menu items. My Mum ropes me into this stuff without warning.

Compadres, lemon posset.
600ml cream (double prefered)
200g caster sugar
75mls lemon juice
zest from two lemons

Add sugar and cream together in a pot.
Slow stir till it simmers then let that ish boil for 30 seconds.

Remove from heat and stir in the juice and zest.

Five minutes of your time needs 6 hours to chill, at least.

My Mum said it was suggested in the committee meeting that we use ingredients from the area. We'd have crayfish, eel and watercress abundant in the creek if the same guys they're entertaining stopped restricting us from the water required for life and survival of the aforementioned.
That's all I have to say about that.
Promise I didn't put cyanide in it.


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