Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Te Tinana - The Body.

Not being racist, but I don't like how much they use Maori words in her school resources. Where in the world is she going to go, other than New Zealand, that's going to have a sign to the 'wharepaku'?
It's a little irrelevant.

Traced a life size Hubs today and she drew herself then an anatomical Hubba. She did pretty good with all the organs and blood vessels in the body. I'll make a doctor out of the child yet.

Sundaes with all the bits n pieces.

She's looking impatient because I told her to wait a second for the photo.

Family Selfie.

Then Tyler got home, saw it, called us names and we had a re-shoot.


Melissa said...

Those sundaes look amazing. I love the body idea and the double selfie.

Me said...

She is sure a smarty! Also, you guys have a way better school system. We didn't do that kind of stuff till 2nd or third grade. I was sooooo bored in school. I love how much she is getting from homeschool :)

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