Monday, October 19, 2015


Moving photo files around the last few days, I've shown Hubba a lot of photos of when we lived in the USA. She was pretty confused as to why she wasn't in any of them and when I told her she wasn't born yet it just frustrated her so it went from, "You weren't born yet" to "You were somewhere else eating candy floss (cotton candy) or you were at Disneyland with Mickey Mouse on a ride".
Now she thinks she lived there too.

She was especially upset when she saw a photo of Nan and Papa at Universal Studios in Hollyweird and I had to tell her, when she asked, that she was swimming in the fountain behind them and that's why we can't see her.

Soon she got suspicious and so I showed her this one I got from google image search and told her she's in the purple ..

.. to which she responded ... Oh yeah, I remember that day! It was so fun!
I'll tell her when she's older ...

I miss bear claw donuts.
One day I'll have to recreate them just for my stomachs sanity.

I've been drinking kawakawa tea for the last 3 days and if I'm not Superwoman by the end of the week like the rongoa magic claims, I'm going back to chocolate milkshakes.

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Melissa said...

Hahahaha that hilarious about hubba. I've never seen those donuts.

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