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Next month.

A family we spent a few Thanksgivings with in the US had a tradition of inviting two or three families to celebrate with them every year. I liked the tradition and bought it with me when we moved home.

I can't remember who we celebrated with in 2010, which is when we began our NZ Thanksgiving, but Paella was had. In my head it was Nina and Mitchy I invited, but I'm not entirely sure that's correct.

2011 was the biggest one we had and I invited several families at random.

Larry gapped it on us in 2012 and instead of Thanksgiving, we had a hākari in it's place. Not my worst Thanksgiving to be honest. I was thankful his health issues were over and he was at peace.

Thanksgiving merged with Larry's day of death in 2013. Larell called it "The Remembering Uncle Larry Thanksgiving". It worked. Because of in-laws, Sister and Brother 3 alternate where they spend Christmas each year, so Thanksgiving and remembering Larry also became an early Christmas with the family members who will be having Christmas away that year.

Last year I was in a bad mood and thought 'stuff everyone' and much to my Mums dismay, who showed me her middle finger the day before when I told her operation thanksgiving 2014 is a no go, we had it at home and invited just one person.

Thanksgiving 2015 is nearing. With coercion from my Mum, it will go ahead this year. I've been mulling over families/people in my head who I'd like to invite, and the list is so small I could invite all of them .. and count them on three fingers.

Just need to get over Halloween, a few important temple trips next month and then Thanksgiving will be here.

I knew from the Pool games that the last two standing would be Australia and New Zealand. Australia won The Rugby Championship this year and New Zealand won the Bledisloe Cup. It's going to be a goody.


Melissa said…
Good luck with everything. Less is more. Man I dunno if I can even watch the game. I want the ab to win so bad. I know they can do it, but will they? With the way the Aussie kicker kicked they'll be good, plus their scrum? Nz is a stonger team for sure but they need to pull it off. Aussies tough and I hate the coach. He seems so arrogant I want him to lose. I'm so emotional about it. I need to settle down man.
CamillaS said…
Aussie is on point, but I still think The All Blacks has just a bit more edge on them ... not much though!

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