Monday, October 12, 2015

Magic Monday.

School today .. for everyone.
It's all about the body this month and learning how people live in different parts of the world. In a card matching game we found two of her pictures were used. Hubs was very excited when she saw herself.

It may look like her, but the picture in the middle of a little girl wearing white headphones is not our Hubs.

Learning the different organs of the body and what they do. She already knew the basics of the digestive system and had a giggle every time she said butt.

The skeleton.
So this is what I look like under my skin and blood?
I look awesome.

I still recall when puzzles weren't her friends. She'd get pretty emotional about not being able to put it all back together and it was frustrating. Somewhere along the way she's kept the image in her mind to be able to put it back together ... I thought this was the obvious hint when it came to puzzles, but sometimes children are complicated and you just have to press forward.

Pattern-blocks. Improves her co-ordination mucho.

Then we went to Nan's and mowed the lawns with Papa.

A whole page of Hubs in last months Tukituki Korero Education Magazine.

Basketball starts next week. She's a little unhappy about the team selection, but she's excited about her first game.

We're at the Quarter finals for RWC. The All Blacks will play France later this week. I think it's going to be an Australia vs New Zealand final and the way Australia is taking care of business makes me go a shade yellow/green.

Watched part of general conference last night. I always write down a few questions and they're always answered during the talks. I usually write down a few dud questions to test the waters. The one that had me laughing to myself came from Elder Larry R. Lawrence.

The question: 
How do I be less fat when chocolate is from Heaven itself?
The answer:
Take better care of your body by eating more fruits and vegetables.

The rest were about how much my ward sucks and how I can move around that snag.
The Answer:
Go to sacrament. 

The Bay was just this minute rocked by a 5.6 earthquake. You know what that means ... a great swell tomorrow at the local beaches.


Me said...

Is Hubs going to be playing basketball? That's awesome! I used to play too! I was pretty hardcore. All the boys would pick me. Actually, I was really athletic, until I developed seizures, then I was too scared for years to do anything physical.

The last curriculum I wrote for my class was about the body :) How is she liking school? She looks happy :) Now that I'm not working for a bit, we might Skype sometime if you guys want :)

Melissa said...

That looks like a fun lesson for her.
Masaru can't wait to use the ride on mower at our new place. I bet he'll be over it once he figures it'll take him 2 hours to do. Maybe we'll have to start paying him to keep him motivated..............but maybe he should do it cause he's a part of the family.........we'll see.
I'm scared of Aussie too. Go Allblacks.

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