Saturday, October 10, 2015

Less than 48 hours.

I was too depressed to blog. All these kids got the better of me.
Yesterday they were taken to a local pool for drowning a day of fun.

I forfeited dinner with them all last night and came home to dine instead. It's almost over. I'm going to sleep in tomorrow and get up and watch general conference from my trusty USB. After a week with demons, I need some religion.

All Blacks beat Tonga this morning. I was a little scared during the first 20, but the boys didn't disappoint.

HB League Finals today featured the undeafted home team, PA, against The Bay Bulldogs. By half time, the Bulldogs were leading .. but in similar fashion to this mornings union game, the boys pulled themselves together during half time and took them out in a 57-22 winner.
A selection of favorites from the day.

And let's face it.

The boy is a weirdy.

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