Saturday, October 3, 2015

League Semi-Finals.

Our little podunk community rugby league team made the finals.

Have to give a shout out to brother 3 who manned the ship this season as Captain.

It's the worst field to take photos at because of a bank that everyone stands on to see all. Next weeks game will be against the Bay Bulldogs, who they beat a few weeks ago. Up a grade next season?

Did not take photos of the family (most of them) dinner at the Parental's tonight. Long line up of early morning rugby tonight. It will be a Zombie sabbath, but what I am appreciative of is the school holidays right now and not having to help my Mum at the school on Monday.

Went to a meeting this morning re: the marae. There were points during the meeting where I felt discouraged and thought to myself, I should relinquish my affiliation so I don't have to deal with this ... but there will always be opposition and for the sake of the people who are trying to progress you have to just roll with the punches, however, if they're too hard and hostile - I'll claim I'm European.

PS. Countdown to the StrongArm's arrival. Hub's says 3-more sleeps.

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Melissa said...

Loving this weekends games. So exciting.

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