Saturday, October 17, 2015

Capturing Life in 52 catch-ups.

Week 42: Pets
I have two pets. One's a sloth and the other one bites.

Week 40 & Week 41: Favorite Spot at Home and Winding Down at Home.
For me, these two were one in the same. My favorite spot in the house is everywhere. I love being at home because my home is my palace and I love everything about my house. My night rituals are the same. After the demon has floated away to dream land, I sit at my computer and catch up with the events of the day that I miss. I start with the local news, then the NZ Herald news and move on to 2 US news sites I frequent. I scroll through FBs news feed before blogging. I always end the night with a blog post or reading through my blog roll when there isn't anything to say.

Week 39: Something New.
Our something new will be here in January. Hubba continues to deny her existence. I bought a little baby blanket a few weeks ago and told her it was specifically for the baby, for when she comes and stays the night because believe you me she will! (Livian). She cried and cried and moaned and bitched so much .. the blanket belongs to her now as do the 6 baby bottles in the cupboard above the fridge and the diapers I pretended to have in a closet. As far as she's concerned, no baby is allowed here and I'm not allowed to kiss that baby that is not allowed here. Mitchy at 23 weeks pregnant. She's nearly 26 now.

Caught up!

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Melissa said...

That bump looks awesome. Hubbas gonna have to work it out man like all kids. Tough to learn but good for them.

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