Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 more days.

I left my camera in the car and it's too far to walk outside to get it.
Sister arrived this afternoon with her three kids, two of them are pretty horrible and the baby has a foot fetish. I must video tape proof of that between now and Saturday.

Try putting one of those new craze waist trainers on a telly tubby ...

I realized tonight that my 34-year old sister is still scares when I flick off the porch light and whisper boogie man into the night air. She ran to her car like a mofo. Made my night. She's gone to befriend that distilled beverage water & ethanol. I cannot wait to see her in the morning when her three kids are up and she's sitting on the Parentals couch pretending not to hear them or feel the throbbing inside her head.

Family picnic tomorrow.

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