Thursday, September 24, 2015

Scotland vs Japan

17 minutes in .. penalty against Japan. No arms in the tackle. Picked up by the TMO (they may as well not have a ref).

1.53am watching with Papa Greg.

That move was as innocent as Richie's trip the other morning.
That was intentional.
Not! He was trying to stand up like how Mum gets up off the couch! (Exhibit A - I show him how his wife gets up off of the couch and what her leg does naturally for gravitational purposes)
McCaw is a cheat!
He's a national hero! And your son in law. Do not speak ill of family.


Melissa said...

I was sad for Japan today. I thought the got slaughtered. Oh well. I thought Ritchie was innocent but after watching it a few times am second guessing. But can I come to your wedding anyway?

CamillaS said...

I was cheering for them too, but when Amanaki Mafi got taken off they lost their mojo.

I'm turning the other cheek with the Richie's error ;) Invitation will be in the mail when he realises he needs to marry me.

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