Monday, September 28, 2015

School Holidays Day 1

Cleaning the shed. It's been everyone's room of requirement for the last 6 years. It was time to take it back and get some order in there. It's nice to have a space to send kids out to when they get too rowdy inside or an extra sleep-out for visitors. Sister has been asking me for a while to sort it out and I've been asking Brother 3 for a while to get his stuff out. Tyler also threw bags of clothes through the door back in November and forgot about them during her US tour. I burned three bags of clothes today. Did not take the time to look through them, she said burn them and I devoted my morning to doing so.

Not everyone will appreciate that I still have this blanket. If I ever had a 'blankie' in my life, this was probably it because it was Aunty Marva's. As shabby as it is now, it's still useable. A testament to the fact that she kept her belongings immaculate. I've adapted the same concept and so has the child. Tyler has not. She is a lost cause.

After photo .. because I didn't take a before one. Tyler and Shaily think they're moving in to the shed next year sometime. I think they can share a bed and confine their mess to one room.

And just when you thought this wasn't a rugby post (Mitchy and Furns - bite me) ..
She would fit in perfectly.
Thank you Countdown for your patriotism.

iMessage with Pony-Horse.

An Uruguay rugby player proposed to his girlfriend from the field after their huge loss against Australia today. That's exactly how I wanted Richie McCaw to propose to me! Except ... he would stop a scrum and propose by yelling out 'crouch, touch, pause, engage!' .. but then the IRB changed it all to 'Crouch, bind, set' and ruined everything.
The End.

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