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RWC & Friday.

There are twenty teams in the Rugby World Cup tournament. Ten should be there, ten may as well be playing netball.

My top five of who should not be there.
  • Canada
  • Romania
  • Uruguay
  • Namibia
  • I love you, but USA you gotta go.
Todd Clever what did you do to get yourself kicked out of the Eagles?

Hot off the shelves.
Heavensent confectionery and that they are. Better than cough lozenges.

Spring cleaning today Hubs asks, who are those people and why are they on our wall? She didn't believe me when I told her it was Nan (bottom left) and her brothers and sister. She really didn't believe me when I told her the other girl is Aunty Vi. I see everyone in my Mum. Livian, Rome and Larell especially. I wonder if baby Shaniqua-Lyric-Justice will look like her too.


Me said…
tell me that is not babys actual name. justice and shaniqua are my go to joke names. but dont tell mitchy that if that is babys real name ;)
Melissa said…
I have to disagree with your feelings of certain teams not being there. It's a world cup and we have to allow the world to be a part of it, no matter what. Let's remember also that these teams beat out other teams to make it and are really stoked to be a part of it. Last RWC Japan would've been on that list as well and look at them now. We have to allow the underdoggs to play with the big dogs in order to really know what they're up against and how hard they need to work to make it. They're getting better, I feel, and the more the world is involved the better competition it is. I'm excited for teams like Japan to continue to be worthy opponents and it not always be the same teams dominating all the time.
We don't wanna be like USA and have ahem "world series" that only involve, basically their own country. I mean let's call a spade a spade, it's not a world series, its USA playing USA and inviting a couple of other countries, if you're the best in the world, you actually are playing the world. This is why I think we need these other countries. I mean since Japan won that game, there was 20 million watching their game against Scotland................that's HUGE for Japan, and as these other teams get better rugby will get more popular in their countries. Like in USA when the AB came and played them..................sure they got hammered, but what it did for USA rugby was HUGE man and that's why we need people to not count out the small teams............ever!!
Nina said…
I can see Ashty a little bit in his papa
CamillaS said…
Ariel: Not the babys name :)

Melissa: Maybe I'm too serious about rugby. I do agree with what you said though re: bringing together the world in rugby, but I think there should be a secondary tournament to the RWC for the teams that qualify by way of the repechage process or by the skin of their teeth. Kind of like how in club/NPC/ITM rugby there is the Premier grade and the Reserves grade with teams qualifying for each competition and moving forward and back based on table points.

Where it's great to watch the underdogs, the fact that the whole competition comes down to the same teams at the end would make watching the underdogs, in a separate competition, more exciting fighting for a spot in the top ten.

That's my dream for rugby anyway ;) That and limit the amount of times you can use the TMO. If you have to look more than twice save some time and take scrum it out.

Nina: Truly!

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