Monday, September 21, 2015

RWC 2015

So The All Blacks first half was a bit of a shambles, but they bought it home at the end and beat Argentina in their opener 26-16. Richie got sin binned (3rd in his entire career thank you) and Sonny Bill needs to stop passing balls like he's Allah.
These from Fiorenza this morning. Love it.
Just a bit envious, bet you didn't have Macaroons and Georgie Pie like I did though!

The next six weeks are going to be full of no sleep and early hours of the morning rugby.
It will be the greatest six weeks in this whole year.

How about Japan though?
South Africas world rank by IRB standards is 3rd. Japan's in 13th and thanks to Napier born Karne Hesketh who made the winning try, a rugby miracle happened and the underdogs beat the expected winners. It's right up there with parting the red sea.


Melissa said...

Hats off to Japan man. We were all smiles over here. Sonny Bill helped change the game in my opinion. I think all blacks are damn lucky. I was so nervous I could barely watch parts of the game. I paced around the house pretending I was tidying.

CamillaS said...

SBW: Yes he did, but those one handed ball passes are too fancy!

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