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Not everyone will be Saints

A few months ago I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and came across a post about a young marrieds activity in my ward. Within the post was tagged most of the couples in the ward, I can't say young because some were older than me and some were younger. 

While I read through the list of couples invited I wondered where widows and widowers fit into the system of the church because, tecnically, we're not married anymore and, being a single adult is a little too fresh and raw especially for the new widower in the ward.

I was taken back by the lack of thought for those who, by no means of their own, became a part of a group that has no auxiliary of its own.

I also wondered about the single parents in the ward who have had failed relationships. Where do they fit?

What is fellowshipping if you don't remember everyone? 

While lying in bed tonight I asked myself whether or not I had a testimony because there are things going on in my ward that would turn people away from regular participation. Correction, that HAS turned people away.

I came to the conclusion, a conclusion I've known for a long long time now, that I do. It's of strength because what kind of person would I be to allow others to break my walls down because of activities you weren't invited to. I go to church on Sunday's to remind myself that it's the place that builds and reinforces that testimony despite all, despite anyone. I go to fulfil my calling that, by revelation, was asked of me by God. I go to church because it's the least I could do to give thanks for Christs atonement. 

I do not go to sit on a couch in the lobby and talk horse under my breath to the first person who will listen. I do not go as a part of routine at the end of the week. I do not go because it's expected of me. I go because I want to and on the odd occasion that I don't go, it's simply because I'm lazy and don't want to.

I know I am not perfect, but do you know you are not either?


Melissa said…
Great thoughts. It's so true man. We don't have married activities in our ward. Actually I dunno if I've ever been to one you know. I'm sorry man. That blows. I'm glad your testimony is in tact, despite all of it.
It's gotta be tough. Random question.................don't kill me..................are you open to dating again?
CamillaS said…
Only if it's Richie McCaw I'm dating.

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