Sunday, September 27, 2015

How bout those Welshmen?

Dunno about that English captain. The final quarter was a nail biter and his decision to kick to the corner was pretty dumb. England buckled under pressure and the Welsh were superb to watch, but all the injuries might come back to bite them in the next week or two. Did they exhaust all their reserves?

All the underdogs are pumping this RWC. Except for Samoa, they got owned today. Many thanks to the SkyGo app that let me watch in bed this AM when Tyler came rolling in from a night clubbing. Priorities NZ, all the bars should be closed for clubbing and open for rugby right after those national anthems are sung.

Too funny not to share.

I covet my RWC poster. It's in my hallway and every time I walk by it I touch it as if it delivers good luck. I take time during my day to write in the winning scores like a nerd writing a chemical formula for enaptin (dare you to look it up, but let me tell you ... 8000+ amino acids). It's become a part of my day since game one.

Best picture ever, but I'm wondering why they need to pick a side? They own both.

What number is Richie McCaw?
Number 7!
What position?
Close enough.

While in spring cleaning mode, I decided it was time a shelf became kindling and broke it all down ready to burn. Spotted this autograph on it from 1993, a month before Tyler was born. The shelf was even older than that and it burned great.

On point Nessa.
You so pwetty.

PS. Thanks Daylight Savings .. you came at the wrong time this year. That spring forward is going to haunt me for the rest of the week.


Nina said...

What's goin on here 😂😂😂

Melissa said...

Man that game was amazing. I knew the English would regret that decision. I love your poster ritual.

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