Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day One of Four

The Livian parents are having a secret rendezvous in Australia. Mitchy flew out tonight and I get the kids for four days. 10pm on night one and all is well. I expected tears when we dropped her off, but instead got warm smiles and the sweet taste of non-vacuum-abusing cheer.

Everyone thinks I'm a mean Aunty, but I actually like their company. The clash of their individual personalities doesn't inspire me to inflict pain on vacuum cleaners, but instead gives me a taste of what I would have missed had I had a brood of my own. It also allows me to compare how I've fared with one and how others fare with more.

After the airport we hit Pandora pond for a 15 minute stop and to take a photo that will make their Dad cringe once he see's it.

I made a CD and everything for it.
Don't grit your teeth too hard Livian, you know your teeth aren't as strong as they use to be.

Rollin down the street smokin endo ...

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