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When you owe kids dinner, they expect 5-star.

For moving and splitting wood, I owed two teenagers dinner. It'll do Donkey, it'll do. Banana & Carmello chocolate empanadas. Sorry in advance Mitch. If you split my wood I'll cook 5-star for you too.

TA ... all day.

Spent the day with Nan at Te Aute College. I did not realize how detailed the carvings were until I looked at them in Lightroom. Mum. Some of these pictures have three legs and Ngawi only has one. Tried to find some information about the marae to make this post informative, but google didn't have any and my mother isn't answering her phone.

School Holidays Day 1

Cleaning the shed. It's been everyone's room of requirement for the last 6 years. It was time to take it back and get some order in there. It's nice to have a space to send kids out to when they get too rowdy inside or an extra sleep-out for visitors. Sister has been asking me for a while to sort it out and I've been asking Brother 3 for a while to get his stuff out. Tyler also threw bags of clothes through the door back in November and forgot about them during her US tour. I burned three bags of clothes today. Did not take the time to look through them, she said burn them and I devoted my morning to doing so. Not everyone will appreciate that I still have this blanket. If I ever had a 'blankie' in my life, this was probably it because it was Aunty Marva's. As shabby as it is now, it's still useable. A testament to the fact that she kept her belongings immaculate. I've adapted the same concept and so has the child. Tyler has not. She is a lost caus

How bout those Welshmen?

Dunno about that English captain. The final quarter was a nail biter and his decision to kick to the corner was pretty dumb. England buckled under pressure and the Welsh were superb to watch, but all the injuries might come back to bite them in the next week or two. Did they exhaust all their reserves? All the underdogs are pumping this RWC. Except for Samoa, they got owned today. Many thanks to the SkyGo app that let me watch in bed this AM when Tyler came rolling in from a night clubbing. Priorities NZ, all the bars should be closed for clubbing and open for rugby right after those national anthems are sung. Too funny not to share. I covet my RWC poster. It's in my hallway and every time I walk by it I touch it as if it delivers good luck. I take time during my day to write in the winning scores like a nerd writing a chemical formula for enaptin (dare you to look it up, but let me tell you ... 8000+ amino acids). It's become a part of my day since game one. Best pictu

RWC & Friday.

There are twenty teams in the Rugby World Cup tournament. Ten should be there, ten may as well be playing netball. My top five of who should not be there. Canada Romania Uruguay Namibia I love you, but USA you gotta go. Todd Clever what did you do to get yourself kicked out of the Eagles? Hot off the shelves. Heavensent confectionery and that they are. Better than cough lozenges. Spring cleaning today Hubs asks, who are those people and why are they on our wall? She didn't believe me when I told her it was Nan (bottom left) and her brothers and sister. She really didn't believe me when I told her the other girl is Aunty Vi. I see everyone in my Mum. Livian, Rome and Larell especially. I wonder if baby Shaniqua-Lyric-Justice will look like her too.

School holidays starts tomorrow and I am sad about it.

It's been raining since at least Sunday and it's not supposed to stop till maybe Monday. If it keeps raining we'll be flooded and the only way across the dip to civilization would be to swim because my Vectra is not a 4WD, but it's OK .. I have a store cupboard with enough sgetti and peaches in it to feed the nation. We went to see a movie today at the local cinema, which is much more expensive than the commoners cinema in Napier. I should have taken a photo of the missing hole where the drinks are supposed to fit. It's purposely flat for a cheese board that is available from the cinema cafe. A CHEESE BOARD. Who in the hell wants to eat gorgonzola and beef summer sausage while watching a movie? The food cost more than the tickets. My mum found this Christmas card rifling through stuff looking for a photo. I wonder why they didn't sign it as 'The All Blacks' because they got that name in the early 1900s. AB vs Namibia tomorrow morning. They can

Scotland vs Japan

17 minutes in .. penalty against Japan. No arms in the tackle. Picked up by the TMO (they may as well not have a ref). 1.53am watching with Papa Greg. That move was as innocent as Richie's trip the other morning. That was intentional. Not! He was trying to stand up like how Mum gets up off the couch! (Exhibit A - I show him how his wife gets up off of the couch and what her leg does naturally for gravitational purposes) McCaw is a cheat! He's a national hero! And your son in law. Do not speak ill of family.

Week 38: Rituals & Traditions

We've been doing it for a few years now and it comes from great origins. All of the apartments we had in the USA only offered us a bar to eat at. This was new to me because sitting at a table to eat with everyone was natural. When we were newly weds we had a giganto box from a TV we'd purchased and that was our table for almost 3 years before someone finally spilled enough soda pop on it to ruin it forever. Our table cloth was a blanket. No table in our second apartment either. We invested in those TV trays and I hated them so much, I bought a bar stool and ate at the bar in the kitchen alone because I refused to use the tray. Our last apartment just didn't have enough room and I resigned myself to the TV trays. Whenever I cook in the kitchen, Tyler knows she must sit at the table. This is the time where she unwinds from work and tells me about her day and I tell her about mine. It's a daily thing. If she is in the kitchen, I sit at the table and we discuss anything

RWC 2015

So The All Blacks first half was a bit of a shambles, but they bought it home at the end and beat Argentina in their opener 26-16. Richie got sin binned (3rd in his entire career thank you) and Sonny Bill needs to stop passing balls like he's Allah. These from Fiorenza this morning. Love it. Just a bit envious, bet you didn't have Macaroons and Georgie Pie like I did though! The next six weeks are going to be full of no sleep and early hours of the morning rugby. It will be the greatest six weeks in this whole year. How about Japan though? South Africas world rank by IRB standards is 3rd. Japan's in 13th and thanks to Napier born Karne Hesketh who made the winning try, a rugby miracle happened and the underdogs beat the expected winners. It's right up there with parting the red sea.

Randoms from Auckland.

The birthday boy. Only liked his Sponge Bob present from The Livian's so I secretly told his brother the fire engine I got can be his. Best birthday card ever! Night Markets. You can be 22 and 34 and still play fight for good times. Sister took Hubba to a birthday celebration on Saturday afternoon. They stayed till 10pm. In that time, Tyler and I confined ourselves to Larell's bedroom and had a quiet evening with our devices. Good trip there. Nasty weather on the trip back. This ones for you Melissa. Home again to a week of rain. Hope it floods. This place could use a baptism.


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