Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This happened yesterday.

Three pink fillings.
The dental therapist told me herself .. chocolate is better than soft or hard lollies.
That's gospel if ever I heard it.

I really don't like Netball, but if someone had told me sooner how great indoor netball was, it would have made all the difference. I don't know what the competition is called, but a few cousins took the initiative to put a family team in and despite losing last night, it's been a success. Tyler & Shaily are on the court somewhere in there. I compare it's difference to rugby and league.
Netball is Union, indoor is League.
Yep .. great analogy.

Song kudos to Preston & Atalya.


Me said...

What is netball? Is it like basketball, or like futball?

CamillaS said...

Similar to basketball.
Netball: Can't dribble the ball down court, once you have the ball you are allowed to step once before you have to pass it and the netball court has boundaries for certain players.
Netball was invented by a Canadian in America!
Next to rugby .. it's the next sport of preference in NZ apparently.

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