Monday, August 24, 2015

The Birthday Boy.

I know she's expecting 22 years of herself to appear here, however, she came pre-digital cameras and all the photos of her are in the closet in her room that she threw all her clothes into last week. It's your own fault you messy heifer.

Happy Birthday to numero uno.
May your day at work be merry and bright. Birthday hot dogs for dinner tonight and not those flash ones from Mad Butcher. Just sossies in a bread. We also have no sauce so if you want to go all out tonight, get some sauce.

22 years of this guy.
Y'all is rude!

Nowadays, besides Jesus's birthday, the only birthday that should matter anymore is Hubbas. It's been a long month of birthdays. Shaily's, Tylers and Hubba's is last in a a few weeks.

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