Monday, August 31, 2015


Was not in the mood for skewl today.

Became and angry bird about it.

Coaxed her with fresh pineapple.

Worked like a charm.

I'm having issues with her and phonics. I'm probably just being impatient, but we've been at it for a few months now and she still can't sound a word out. Questioned one of the teachers at the local school about it tonight and she said stick with the sight words. Both phonics and sight words education work equally, but if she can't pick up the phonics, try the sight words and vice versa.
I saw a YouTube video of Shakira's two year old reading a book and it got me all down buzzed that nothing I'm doing is working.
Sight words to learn this week.

Dr. Edge (on a trip to the ER once an Indian Doctor pronounced her name EJ as Edge. She does not like when I call her Edge, which is whenever she's naughty, which is often).

First actual piano lesson. Confirmed to myself today that I will not open piano lessons to the public/community. It's OK to grit my teeth at my own, but not others. Lesson one ended in tears and a book swiped off the piano and across the room.
Believe you me child, lesson 2 tomorrow.

Changed the calendars tonight in prep to welcome September tomorrow. I get to look at these guys every time I exit the lavatory.

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Melissa said...

I wonder why she's not picking up the phonics? Phonics suck anyway. I'd try the see, it say it method and do the sight words, it's faster and builds into being a more fluent reader. She'll do great I'm sure. Sometimes just when we're feeling vulnerable about our parenting some two year old pops up and is reading chapter books just to 'dig the knife in' Sorry man, but you and I both know, at the end of the day comparing blows and our kids will be alright and we're not the WORST mothers in the world, even if we're not the best ;)

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