Wednesday, August 19, 2015

5 Days.

I didn't pull the camera out over the weekend despite it being a busy 5 day weekend for the family. Sister flew in from Tamaki Makaurau (Kia Ora Matua Joel). Livian flew in for his R&R week off. All Blacks won the Bledisloe cup. Pre-celebration for Mere who is 40 tomorrow and 15 years of marriage on Monday, goodbye sister Tuesday and goodbye Livian Wednesday.

The five days consisted of: hidden afghans, vomit stories and wine, wood stealer's, uninvited dinners, an attempt to avoid everyone, netball, pizza, visit from Dad and Nicky and Vikings.

Anyway. School over the last few days. Pretty much has had the water cycle burned onto her brain over the last month.

Can count up to 30 and identify numbers up to 12 by sight.

Phonics is problematic.
A for apple a-a-apple.
F for gold-fish .. g-f-goldfish.
The fish wasn't even gold.

Lunch time.

Tryin to domesticate ya.

15 of forever my Love.

For 12 years I was breathless when I saw him every day. That feeling never went away even when they opened his coffin on the 2nd night to slip his temple recommend into his pocket. If you can feel that way about your significant other, even in death, you've found your hearts keeper.
I hope I'm always a fool.

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