Sunday, August 9, 2015

16 years of Shaily-Fish.

Baby Shaily.

Fat Shaily.

Snotty Shaily.

Cute Shaily.

Boss of this bike Shaily.

Boss of this Te Kohanga Reo Shaily.

Wasn't ready for a photo Shaily.

First Selfie EVER Shaily.

Mormon dunked Shaily.

Uncle Lazz & Shaily.

Jersey Shore Shaily.

What-Up-G Shaily.

Tallest person could be mistaken for a teacher at Bridge Pa School Shaily.

Red hair Shaily.

Got an iPhone Shaily.

Lost my Thin Lizzy so used pancake mix Shaily.

2015 Shaily.

Happy Birthday Fish!
Thankful every day that we found you abandoned at the SPCA and took you home.
Even though it's your birthday, you still gotta vacuum the school this afternoon.

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