Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday woes.

All Blacks played Manu Samoa today in a game that was pure torture to watch. By the time it was all over I wanted to:

1. Kick my brothers teeth in
2. Burn my house down
3. Karate Kid kick my TV from the wall
4. Pluck my eye balls out with a shrimp fork

Rugby is a game for winter. Samoa does not have winter. Because of these facts, today's game was unbearable. Sonny Bill Williams didn't pray hard enough to Allah during the national anthem because he had 80 minutes of suckage.

Have to give it up for the Bay reps in today's game.
I counted 6. Two from MAC and 1 from Tamatea Arikinui.
See? There is something beneficial here other than ice-cream.

Here's hoping the final round of Origin later tonight fills the void.

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