Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sill sick, but keeping it together.

I have viral pneumonia.
I should be wearing a mask, but they make me claustrophobic.
My Doctor told me off for being sick for 3 weeks and only going in on Thursday. Apart from the coughing, a headache and the feeling of straight up hideousness in my chest, I'm feeling fine. I'd like to blame it on the flu shot I got a few weeks ago. They always say you're likely to get sick shortly after the flu shot.

Week 28 - Album Frame Challenge - No.
Week 29 - Two.
I had a great idea to photograph my twin nephews, but that would mean they'd visit and stay all day so I went with the second option, which was ... anything else.

Brother 1 and Mitchy came bearing gifts this morning. Love it.
My old one will get a new home next week.

Enchilada's for dinner!
There wasn't enough for everyone. Sorry Mitch.

My favorite Carpenters song.
I own it like a boss on the karaoke when it's just me and Hubba home.

It's like ... eat your heart out Beyonce!

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