Saturday, July 4, 2015


I've been sick since Wednesday with the flu. It gradually got worse and last night I thought I might die. I told my Mum this afternoon that at one point of the night I seriously thought I was going to be paralyzed and forever confined to a wheelchair. She laughed. I know it's a mixture fever, being emotional and physical pain that causes one to believe they're about to die while sick. Every time I get a flu shot this happens.

Thankful for Tyler who babysat unaware last night. Hubba even slept in Tyler's bed and one night without someone who rotates like a chopper all night was bliss. I had visitors all day yesterday some of which I don't recall having conversations with and others I'm certain I had conversations with but they didn't even visit.

School this week was short, but fulfilling.

Taking it easy for the rest of the weekend so I can be on top of my game again next week.
Hurricanes vs Highlanders kick off at 7.30. We're watching to spot Papa Greg who is at the game tonight.

You're welcome Nina!

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Melissa said...

Go highlanders!!!!!
Sorry you're sick.

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