Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pizza week.

Woke up yesterday and decided I wanted pizza if not all week, almost all week and so it shall be.
Last night: Tyler & Hubba's half rocked cheese and pastrami where mine had the additional spring onions, Camembert, tomatoes and kewpie.

Rosemary & Thyme hand fried chips by Proper = fabuoso.

Tonight: Tyler had the same tonight and I rocked a zucchini, pepper & cherry tomatoes topper.

Paleo brownie for dessert .. and by Paleo I mean everything but the Paleo.

Changed her room around a few days ago in an attempt to evict her from mine. Also in my mission to de-clutter my crib before summer, I wanted all her books in one place. Carpentry lessons via school last month has given her an appreciation for a hammer and a Philips screw-driver and she helped. If you saw the book shelf closely, you'd see where a few of her screws didn't make it into the holes, but it's all good!

Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Done. Boom. Get in your own room Tyler-fish.

Tyler & Nessa.

Nessa on the left is 12.
Tyler on the right is 22 and obviously a dwarf.

I've been looking for a glass coffee table for 3 weeks just so I can do this even though I only have 3 friends. Tyler, Mitch and Hubba.

Trending right now.
A 1700 man haka sending off a teacher at Palmerston North Boys High who died.
Rather moving.


Melissa said...

I'm glad that haka is trending. It deserves it.

Me said...

Pizza week is literally the best idea I've heard in my life. I salute you.

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