Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Water Cycle and other good stuff.

School resources arrived today and we got right in to it. This month focuses on The Water Cycle and Seasons. After taking her through the supplied Water Cycle chart, I simplified it for her basically teaching her that water comes from Earth, rises into the air and evaporates, turns into clouds that makes either rain or snow and it falls to the ground again and repeats itself. To not confuse her, I didn't add words like, vapors, gas, liquid, solids or condensation. I'll add those in over the month.

Learned about evaporation today.
Made salty water.

Sped up the process by leaving it close to the fireplace.

Managed to lick the lid clean when I wasn't looking.

Also from school: The Marble Chaser. This is awesome. I made her sit on the couch and watch me play with it first because it's that fun.

Eventually let her have a turn on it.

Someone else loves Richie McCaw too. When he appears on a TV commercial she get's all giddy. She found these pictures in this mornings junk mail and forbid me from burning them. Side note: I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to look at Richie McCaw when he does the haka. It's, for real, like nails on a chalk board. My brother told me I was racist when I told him .. but I'm not because I think Keiran Reid rocks a better haka than some of the Maoris in the team.

50 days till kick off.
Going to sit down and have some Paleo M&Ms, minus the paleo.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

No Pizza Wednesday.

As much as I wanted pizza tonight, I hit the Asian Grocery store yesterday for dumpling pastry to fulfill my goal to make them for lunch today. That was until I went to Bento Bowl in The KMart (muy disgusting btw). Found a complicated recipe online and followed it.

To make them dumplings, the recipe called for quick frying  then simmering in water for five minutes.

I tried that and it didn't work out for me so my dumplings became Gyoza, which is the same thing except crispy.

After all that ... I wish we had pizza.
Still good, but not the Auckland dumplings I was shooting for.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pizza week.

Woke up yesterday and decided I wanted pizza if not all week, almost all week and so it shall be.
Last night: Tyler & Hubba's half rocked cheese and pastrami where mine had the additional spring onions, Camembert, tomatoes and kewpie.

Rosemary & Thyme hand fried chips by Proper = fabuoso.

Tonight: Tyler had the same tonight and I rocked a zucchini, pepper & cherry tomatoes topper.

Paleo brownie for dessert .. and by Paleo I mean everything but the Paleo.

Changed her room around a few days ago in an attempt to evict her from mine. Also in my mission to de-clutter my crib before summer, I wanted all her books in one place. Carpentry lessons via school last month has given her an appreciation for a hammer and a Philips screw-driver and she helped. If you saw the book shelf closely, you'd see where a few of her screws didn't make it into the holes, but it's all good!

Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Done. Boom. Get in your own room Tyler-fish.

Tyler & Nessa.

Nessa on the left is 12.
Tyler on the right is 22 and obviously a dwarf.

I've been looking for a glass coffee table for 3 weeks just so I can do this even though I only have 3 friends. Tyler, Mitch and Hubba.

Trending right now.
A 1700 man haka sending off a teacher at Palmerston North Boys High who died.
Rather moving.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

For Nessa-Nu.

Dear Future Nessa,

Tonight in the car when we turned down your stink music, you got angry and said that you're never going to turn your kids music down. Never.

This is a reminder that when your kids are jamming vintage Snoop Dogg on the way home from town on a crisp sabbath evening after breaking the sabbath for Monday lunches, you will not turn it down no matter how many gin and juices they sing about.

Love Always,

Your stink song that we turned down.

Present Hubba wants to know why past Nessa doesn't have any pants on with past Hubba.

Timeless Music.

Hubba's favorite song this week.
The video clip is so tacky it's almost perfection because the music is great. Did not realize they were Native American until I clicked play on the video.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

PMJ before bed.

I'm really glad church starts at 11am tomorrow and not 9am.
All Blacks play South Africa at 3am and as an avid supporter, it's a game I can't miss. We even remembered The All Blacks in our prayers tonight and specifically asked that Richie McCaw doesn't get injured because RWC is coming up in September.

Asking for such things doesn't come from a jovial part of me. It's a very spiritual thing that I want them to win because ... I want it that way.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Curse of Two Mothers and a FIFO Dad.

Tyler had one thing to do today.
One thing.
Actually .. three if you include getting toilet paper and bread, but I don't think she'll do that either.
(She did it)

I wanted her to babysit for an hour while we went out to lunch with Kath. She agreed this morning, but by the time 1pm came around she had changed her mind and gapped it. When it's just Hubba and I, she's a tame little monkey because she knows to be tame. She knows that she can't misbehave with me because if she does, there are consequences.

Tables are turned when she is with The Livians and my brother was absolutely right when he imagined taking her with them for the day and said, "It would have been awful". I get that she is trying to be independent, but in her independence she's owning The Livians with a dominance that makes me cringe.

I'm flexible with guidelines I set for her. Her shoes need to be put away before we go anywhere. Flexibility is asking her if she would like to do it now or in ten minutes. If the chore isn't done, we don't go anywhere. This has taught her what rules are and that consistency improves her behavior ... when she's with me.

My family think I'm too firm with her and I am, but I am firm and kind. I follow through and I don't buy into tears especially when we are surrounded by others. She inserts dominance when with The Livians and because she's the baby, they usually cower to her demands.

This afternoon she was in awful mode because we were in public, with Mitch and she knew that the worst I'd do was throw her a look. Alas, while we were in a shop and she was being super duper imbecilic, I pulled her into an isle and warned her once.
Then twice.
Then a third time.

She thought I'd forgotten by the time we got home, but I didn't.

I asked her if she thought I was a liar.
She said no.
I asked her if she wanted me to be a liar.
She said no.
I asked her those questions again and she responded the same.

I would have been a liar if I didn't punish her and send her to her room to calm her farm for 30 minutes. She didn't want me to be a liar. She agreed to her punishment and confinement and I just followed through.

A byproduct of this type of co-parenting is manipulation and she does that. Runs to Dad when she knows she's in trouble with Mum. Cries to Mummy Mitch when she knows it's time to go home. She's even physically fought me to not get in the car when I went to pick her up one day.

It's having the run of the house vs ground rules.

Today's acting up was the final straw for me and I told myself Oh Heelllllllll No.

New day for Hubba tomorrow.
She was awful today.

PS. The Irish Pub in town in fantastical.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sometimes we don't brush our hair.

Thanks to YouTube, I found a phonics song that is 20 minutes long. On top of loving the song, like any self-respecting nerd should, it really does help her to learn the sounds of the letters.

Music Theory. It's more my favorite subject than hers.

Counting beyond 10. She gets pretty lost after 13.

School stuffs.

That's the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dog.

I-i and J-j today.

The dreaded number 14.

Again, thanks to YouTube, I found a counting song that will take her to 20.
Time for Shortland Street. Haven't watched that show in yonks and after watching for almost a week, it's all on.
I don't like that Pania.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 30 - A decisive moment.

Packing the groceries away.
Shall I put the new lollies in the All Black?
Can I have one please?
Not even just one little teeny tiny one? 
I bet they taste yummy.

Just one? Please?



I won't.

Grounded for life.

Next time I'll remember to reset my jpg compression preferences and put the lollies away myself.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...