Friday, June 19, 2015

Fri-day Fri-day gotta get down on Fri-day.

Turned the whole house upside down looking for a case that held my camera batteries in it. The camera has been flat for days and I couldn't find the charger or the batteries. What I did find in tonight's search:
  • B-Complex pills Larry lost 4 years ago. Under the bed.
  • A twin to a boot we thought we'd left in the US. So far back in the closet it could have been in Narnia.
  • The battery charger. In the everything popcorn container.
  • My purple possum socks missing circa. 2009. Behind a drawer.
  • Bottom piece to a hole punch. In a pot in the kitchen cupboard.
  • Batteries. Under the couch cushions with everything else I've lost in the last month.
Thanks Mummy Mitch for the beads. I love finding them everywhere and it doesn't hurt at all when I stand on them barefoot and they ricochet nicely when thrown at the walls.

Hubba's debut as a photographer.
She calls it, Windy Day.


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Melissa said...

Lol congrats on the finds.

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