Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stimulating Sabbath.

Do you know I woke up this morning and felt I needed to stay home. So I followed that instinct. There was a feeling that something was going to happen somewhere, nothing major, but something. So I went about my day solitaire, my 4-year-old shadow included, and nothing went amiss for us.

Staying away was worth it. Bad luck showed up for everyone else around 7pm. I got a text to save the children from Grumpy Smurf Nan and got a front row ticket to the circus at her house followed by profanatory texts from my Mum, Sister and Mitchy.

Still got my chi.

In Tyler news...

That three months was short n sweet like my association with my family this long weekend.


Sitting in the sun this morning.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The last few days.

The information that came with the school paint says it will wash off in water. It also said the paint would be just fine to hose clean off of a house and insisted parents allow their children paint the exterior of the house, you know, for creativity sake.
I hope they're right.

Sister is in town for the long weekend with her crew. This morning I heard Larell say, "Are you kidding me? It's snowing!".
Auckland and it's inability to produce a decent frost is, in itself, an abomination.

The StrongArm offspring.

Hate pre-teens today.
I'd feel absolutely satisfied doing this to them ...

So that they look like this...


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Harry Potter-ing.

Having ourselves a Harry Potter Marathon. We started on Monday and we're up to 5. I forgot how awesome the movies (and books) are.
Hubba liked Scabbers and Kreacher.
Not surprised.
Does not like Lord Moldywort.

I use to lick rocks when I was little and I liked the taste (pica?). I found a drink that matches the taste. I'm in rock beverage heaven.


Week 22 - Recreating a picture.

1979 - Livian. He still eats like that at 39.

2015 - Hubs.

Same wallpaper in the wash house.
Original back door and oven splatter screen.
Same handy towel holder on the wall.
Same cupboards and counter tops.
Same gene pool.

Even though I grew up in this house, I don't remember the wallpaper in the kitchen at all.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catching Up.

Family home evening last night with the brat pack.
Someone always cries (Rome), someone always fights (Coral & Waimea), someone always complains (green jersey) and someone always wants to go home early because their time on Minecraft is getting less and less the more they stay (Jeston - gritting my teeth when I say it).


The memory game. She enjoyed this game even though she flipped over every card to remember where the twin was.

Week 21 - Pen Drawing in a scrapbook mini-album. (No thanks).
Last week of my Te Reo Maori class and I can honestly tell you .. I probably know less about the maori language now than I did before. I tried to watch Te Karare the other night (Maori news) and the guy was speaking so fast I don't know if it he was speaking Maori at all. Tried to find coherency in Homai te Pakipaki, but they spoke Pidgin, which was muy hōhā.

I try to use some phrases with Hubba around the house.
Horoi tō ringaringa (wash your hands) after the bathroom and Kei whea tō tokena? (Where are your socks?) in the morning and her least favorite Haere ki te moe (Go to bed) ... but she continues to believe I'm speaking Chinese and asks me to stoppit because it's not real people talk.
Tōna hiapai hoki!

Winter is coming and so is Tyler.

Monday, May 25, 2015

How not to negotiate.

9PM. Supposed to be fast asleep in bed. I hear slow light foot steps coming towards me in the hallway.

What are you watching?
Nothing you'd understand.
But I understand Lord of the Rings.
Tell me what happened on Lord of the Rings?
Well. There was a hobbit and then Dobby followed him because he wanted the magic ring back from the unicorn and then they might fly around on the broom sticks and kill the zombies.
Go to bed.
But I want to sleep in your bed.
You're supposed to be a big girl.
I'm really not. My undies only say size 4 year old. I'm not five till September two.
Why won't you sleep in your own room?
My room is dumb. I hate my red blanket and I love your bed because your blanket is white.
What if I turned Despicable Me on in your room?
What if you put the TV in your room and I can watch 'Spicable Me in your bed?
*cries for an hour until rashes flare up on her arms*
Gave up.

Fell asleep before the Universal rotated around Earth to it's resting position on the opening credits.

While watching TV ...

The big day is tomorrow.


It's snowing at sea level in Hawkes Bay.
PA is 22 meters above sea level and the sun is shining with no snow.
The weather God's have ripped us off.

Meanwhile, out at my Dads 262 m above sea level.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


My phones are off for a week because of spooky people.
I need not know your woes for I have my own.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Go away.

One of those days when you let everything get to you and in turn you despise everything, everyone and their problems. You tell yourself you don't care, but you do because it's hard not to and when you've taken your fill and it's your turn to comment, all I want to say is ..

I come home to an empty house every day with a 4 year old who falls asleep 6 whole hours before me. My best friend is on a canvas on the wall over a blue chair that he should be sitting on.

Enjoy what you have while you have it.
The heartache is very real when you don't have it.
Not a happy day today.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Started working on a Maths book in January. She has issues with the number 7 sounding like the number 11 and she counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 etc. So we had a 30 minute session about rhymes and when I asked her what rhymes with duck, she gave me an answer that sent us into a 30 minute session about profanity.
My own fault. I shouldn't say it, but there are so many cabbages in my life that keep it in my vocab.

Finished Mathematics Book 1! Joyous.

The Hunter went hunting and bought back some venison so we loaded our freezers for winter. I took my pack and we fried up some back straps for lunch.

Stuff the cholesterol. You have to fry that ish in butter to compliment the earthy taste. It would have been perfection rubbed with some ancho chile and fried in lime butter, but plain butter and salt is second to that.

Toast, egg, onion and veni. Boom.

Off to see the newest members of the farm.

Meet Milkshake and Chocolate, the new goats.

They're pretty cute. Even I thought they were cute and wasn't thinking about marinating their forequarters in sweet n sticky BBQ sauce.

They're just babies and Hubba-Roo loves them mucho!

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ...

Tyler is home in 13 days.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Don't talk to me when I'm painting!

Tried to avoid painting for another week. Because of the powdered stuff and having to make it all up yourself, I tried to remove it from her mind until I got the time to replace it with faux paint that's more manageable. No dice. She woke up this morning and decided today is the day I paint.

Love that the school send her all the resources she needs. Another reason home schooling is a favorite. Stationary lists at the beginning of the year for public schools are pretty ridiculous. Four USB sticks later and my nephew has never ever mentioned the need for a USB at school. Their stationary goes into the common pot.

Anyway .. painting.

Very serious.

She enjoyed it and we'll do it all again tomorrow.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...