Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week 16 - Freelensing

What is freelensing?
It's the budget version of using the tilt-shift lens, which I've always wanted incase you're Santa. It's a risky business because of the dust issues, but if done correctly it's quite amazeballs with it's blurs and leaks of natural white light that make things more distinct.

How is it done? By detaching the lens completely from the camera and holding on an angle.
Like so ..

I had to get up close and personal when using my 28mm because the 500mm would have been a son of a gun to stabilize. I've always wanted to try the tilt-shift lens with sports photos, but I'd have to sell an ovary to afford one.
Week 16 done and dusted.


Melissa said...

No idea that existed. I got nothing for my left ovary the doc took. Ripped off.

Me said...

Mahonri taught me that technique and I use it with my film camera. Its a good one :)

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