Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oh Canada ...

This one is especially for Nessa, who's life long dream is to go to a Starbucks. There's one in Napier. I told her I'd take her there myself. I know exactly what she'll do. She'll stand there for ten seconds, take a selfie by the logo and waste $10 gas wanting to go home after 45 seconds because she doesn't have $6 for the Mocha Frappuccino she's not allowed to drink or $5 for the Classic Hot Chocolate she can consume.

Goes all the way to Canada to eat this ...
Have you not been to Reduced the Clear lately? NZ has those! At least have some maple candy.

In her No. 1s.

100 sleeps left.
Not counting or anything. When Hubba asked how many days till Tyler get's back, I had to figure it out.

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Me said...

If we see her on the west coast we'll make sure she eats some real food. Big thing here is seafood, salmon, and berries. I want some now!